DigiPlay Media is meant to bring the latest technologies in the Digital advertisement industry and put it in the hands of the advertisers and publishers respectively.


By using VAST, VPAID 2.0 and HTMl5 tags technology we can guarantee the support of advertisements across mobile Apps and Websites. Our aim is to keep developing our technologies to meet the constantly growing market.



Digi Play Media provides quick and competent start into the world of advertising for publishers and advertisers



    If you have non  monetized traffic at your site we will help you generate revenue from unused space on your site.


    All ads will be placed strategically on all pages without degrading the overall look of the site at the same time maximising potential revenue .


    We specialize in choosing high quality advertisement and video targeted for your site.


    We will maximize your income by efficiently monetizing global web and mobile traffic across all devices and platforms with highest eCPM rates.


    We can custom tailor ad traffic to each site we partner with.


     Our team is always at your disposal. With our experience and thousands of sites in our network, we know how to help you get the most from your site.


    High quality brands and  highest payouts.







    Transparent reporting


    Individual Targeting


    CPM pricing model


    International bookings for specific  markets


    Over 200 million users in gaming and digital entertainment industry


    dedicated customer representative for each client


    wide network of traffic sources


    All ad categories including Video and Mobile








    Optimization of sales


    EU, Eastern Europe, North and South America , Middle East






Digi Play Media is an international

Digital Marketing CPM AdNetwork



We provide a vast advertising reach with relationships with Agencies, Direct Advertisers, DSPs, and Ad Exchanges.


We are connected to 1000’s of gaming and digital entertainment sites with over 200 million users and constantly expanding.


Owning mobile and online games ourselves we can customize video advertising and monetization for our clients.


Our goal is to focus on customer service by providing targeted advertising campaigns as well as individually catered campaigns.


We work closely with our publisher sites to provide highest possible rates at the same time helping advertisers meet their goals.




Your success is what keeps us going.  Get to know us!


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